23. Juli 2024

New Crypto Presale Offers 100x Potential: Buy Now!

  • AltSignals presale has raised $1.12 million and tokens are currently going for $0.01875.
  • The AltSignals platform is introducing a game-changing AI innovation called ActualizeAI that utilizes ASI cryptocurrency.
  • Holders of ASI tokens will gain access to the ActualizeAI toolkit, which offers precise and timely trading signals.

AltSignals (ASI) Investor Uptake Increases

The AltSignals presale has so far raised over $1 million with one ASI token going for $0.01875. Stage 2 of the presale is 50% sold out in less than 10 days, showing an increased investor uptake as the artificial intelligence (AI) hype rises. The price of an ASI token has increased by 56.25% since the start of the sale, rising from its original value of $0.01200 to its current value of $0.01875.

AltSignals AI Initiative

Since its launch in 2017, AltSignals has established a reputable name in the trading platform industry and amassed a sizable user base of more than 50,000 people. Its initial trading tool AltAlgoTM has been key in assisting traders looking to identify opportunities with accuracy and maximum profits. Now, it is introducing ActualizeAI – a modern trading platform that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to expand on its already top-notch trading tools. Through machine learning, ActualizeAI can quickly analyse market data including investor sentiment and various indicators used to predict price movements – giving traders precise and timely signals regardless of their level of experience.

Benefits Of Investing In ASI Cryptocurrency

Holders of ASI tokens will gain access to the ActualizeAI toolkit which provides accurate information about potential market moves as well as timely advice on when best to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies or other digital assets for maximum returns on investment (ROI). Furthermore, holders will also be able to participate in decision-making processes regarding updates or changes made to the platform’s development roadmap through voting rights granted by holding at least 1 ASI token per vote casted per project proposal presented before them during governance meetings held periodically by AltSignals team members.

Security Of Funds

To further incentivise purchase and ensure security for investors funds invested into purchasing ASI tokens are held securely using an escrow system managed by trusted third party personnel who act independently from any internal stakeholders involved with running daily operations within AltSignals organisation structure . This arrangement helps minimize risk associated with fraud or malicious activity as all transactions must pass through multiple approval processes set up solely for this purpose before being cleared thereby providing peace mind for all parties involved both internally within organisation as well as external investors .

< h2 > Conclusion
Overall , investing in new cryptocurrency such as ASi presents numerous advantages ranging from access to cutting edge algorithmic powered AI tools designed specifically for assisting users make informed decisions when it comes down trading digital assets , plus additional benefits like voting rights during community governance meetings , secure storage system using escrow services managed by trusted third parties all these features create an attractive investment opportunity not meant be overlooked .