21. Februar 2024

Crypto Execs Lead Way With MBAs & Computer Science Degrees

  • Most Crypto Business Leaders Studied Computer Science or MBA: Dan Ashmore, analyst at Coinjournal, revealed that most cryptocurrency leaders have an MBA or study computer science and other related courses. The University of California leads the way as the most common institution attended by crypto executives.
  • Crypto Salaries Highest in North America: According to research done by Coinjournal, remote work takes up a big portion of cryptocurrency jobs and North America has the highest salaries for these jobs with workers earning an average of $120,000 annually.
  • Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Attended McGill University: The most „obvious“ example of a crypto executive who studied computer science is Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who studied at Montreal’s McGill University.

Most Crypto Business Leaders Have an MBA or Study Computer Science

Coinjournal’s analyst Dan Ashmore recently revealed to CNBC that the crypto market is becoming more mainstream and is now dominated by those who studied computer science or had an MBA. During the early days of crypto, people from various fields were welcomed but now it seems that those with a background in computer science are leading the way. According to research done by Coinjournal, the most common university attended by crypto executives is the University of California followed by Harvard and then Stanford University. The most „obvious“ example given was Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao who studied Computer Science at Montreal’s McGill University.

Cryptocurrency Salaries Highest in North America

CNBC also looked into Coinjournal’s research on countries with the highest salaries for cryptocurrency workers. As it turns out North America leads the way as remote work takes up a big portion of cryptocurrency jobs here with workers earning an average of $120,000 annually. This makes North America one of the best places to work if you have experience working in cryptocurrencies.

Universities Attended By Crypto Executives

The University of California tops off as one ofthe universities attended by cryptocurrency executives according to Coinjournal’s research with 13 having gone there followed closely behindby Harvardwith 11crypto business leaders having graduated from there . StanfordUniversity comes thirdon this listwith eightcryptocurrency business leadershavinggraduated fromthere .Ashmore addedthat ,“In terms oftnon-USuniversities , we sawCambridgeup therebut theysayitstill avery US-dominatedindustry . Andasaresult ,a lotoftheexecutivesand employeesaredrawnfromthebig USuniversities” .

Early Days Of Crypto Welcomed People From Various Fields

when speaking abouttheearlydaysofcrypto ,Ashmorerevealedthatduringthis timetheindustrywelcomedpeoplefromvariousfieldsincludinglesspopularoneslikephilosophy .However ,asthismarketcontinues t ev olvestemostcryptoleadersonceitherhaveanMBAorstudycomputerscienceandotherrelatedcourses .

Conclusion Althoughthecryptospacepreviouslywasopenforpeoplefromallfieldsbecauseitwas stillintheearlydays ,DanAshbelieves thatasthemarketbecomesamoremainstreamfinancialmarketitisnowdominantedbythosewhostudiedcomputer-scienceorhadanMBA .NorthAmericaleadsthewayintermsofsalariesthatareofferedtocryptoworkerswhichcouldbeauniqueopportunityforanyonewhoislookingtoworkinthefieldofcriptocurrencies .