13. April 2024

Bitcoin donation to US right-wing extremists exposed

After the storming of the Capitol, reports have surfaced revealing a generous Bitcoin donation from France to right-wing extremists in the US.

The online medium yahoo! News writes in an exclusive report that right-wing extremists in the USA received a generous Immediate Edge review donation one month before the storming of the Capitol.

Accordingly, on December 8, 28.15 BTC (500,000 US dollars) were transferred to 22 wallets of various personalities and organizations from the right-wing political spectrum in the country

The software company Chainalysis carried out research based on the Yahoo data on the origin of the donation. The tracks lead to France. Accordingly, the donations came from an account on a French crypto exchange and went, among other things, to right-wing news sites and influencers such as VDARE, Daily Stormer or Nicholas Fuentes. According to research by Chainalysis, it is a French programmer who runs a blog. The research company interpreted one of the contributions as a farewell letter. There the French prophesied the „decline of western civilization“ and therefore bequeathed his fortune to „certain purposes and people“. It remains unclear whether the financier is actually dead. However, there has been no new entry on the programmer’s blog since 2014.

According to an anonymous source, law enforcement and intelligence agencies are now investigating the suspicious transaction to learn more about the financial background of the riot in Washington. In doing so, the government hopes to prevent future attacks and to uncover potential foreign involvement or support for right-wing activities at an early stage. At a press conference, US Attorney Michael Sherwin said the FBI viewed the investigation as „a significant counter-terrorism or counter-espionage“ investigation. To this end, the investigative authorities are currently viewing money, travel and communication records as well as dispositions and general movements.

Misleading presentation slows Bitcoin adoption

Bitcoin still has a dirty image. But although the word has got around among criminals that there are definitely more anonymous crypto currencies than Bitcoin, the best known of the digital currencies is still used for illegal purposes. There are currently dubious offers on the Darknet where you should be able to secure a corona vaccine against Bitcoin.